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High School Activities

High School Activities

The primary purpose of the Student Activities program is to meet those school-related interests and needs of students that are not provided by the curricular program of the school. The activities program refers to clubs, classes, intramurals, fine arts and interscholastic programs. The following is a list of objectives for the activities for students:
1. Help all students to learn how to constructively use their leisure time.
2. Help all students to increase and productively use their unique talents and skills.
3. Help all students to develop new vocational and recreational interests and skills.
4. Help all students to develop more positive attitudes toward the value of vocational and recreational activities.
5. Help all students to increase their knowledge of and skill in functioning as leaders and/or as members of a group.
6. Help all students to develop a more realistic and positive attitude towards themselves and others.
7. Help all students to develop a more positive attitude toward school as a result of participation in the student activities program.
8. Help all students to understand and participate in the democratic processes of an organization.

Sponsor’s Responsibilities A sponsor has a great deal of influence on the success of a student group and activity. The following criteria is the responsibility of the sponsor of any Anchorage School District club or activity. The sponsor should:
1. Provide leadership.
2. Promote positive student interest, enthusiasm, and leadership.
3. Obtain approval of the school administration for all activities.
4. Discuss with students pros and cons of all projects.
5. Be present at all meetings and activities for the duration of the event.
These organizations function in the same manner as the clubs and may raise money for approved class projects and activities. In order to be a recognized club or to function as a class, the following criteria must be met: Clubs may be established to allow students with similar interests and ideas a chance to become involved in those pursuits which fall within the

Scope of educational or school service purposes. Unit principals shall permit students to organize clubs within the following criteria:
A. Students may organize extracurricular clubs provided that the club formation and activities are student-initiated and voluntary.
B. Membership in a student-organized extracurricular club is open to all students.
C. A student organized extracurricular club shall have a school monitor who ensures that school policies are not violated, but who does not participate in the club.
D. Non-school persons (i.e., persons who are neither students nor employees of the Anchorage School District) shall not direct, control, conduct, or regularly attend the meetings or activities of student-organized extracurricular clubs.
E. The activities of a student-organized extracurricular club shall take place only during noninstructional time.
F. The school shall not expend public funds to the student-organized extracurricular club beyond the incidental cost of providing the space for meetings.
G. Student-organized extracurricular clubs are expressly prohibited from the following: Interfering with the orderly conduct of the educational purpose and activities of the school; promoting, encouraging, or sanctioning activities that are unlawful; abridging the constitutional rights of any person; or compelling a school agent or employee to attend a meeting that is contrary to the beliefs of that agent or employee.

  • The school principal retains the right to prohibit activities and meetings and to disband clubs which engage in the above-listed conduct.
  • Student-organized extracurricular clubs may appeal to the School Board if a school administrator orders that the club be disbanded.
H. Student-organized extracurricular clubs must have a club purpose statement and constitution which is approved by the school principal prior to initiation of club activities.
School administration will provide a standard format, requirements, and advice on production of the purpose statement and constitution.

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