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Children close their ears to advice, but open their eyes to example

The kindergarten curriculum is based on age-specific learning outcomes. Kindergarten being a Childs first experience in the formal schooling can be an anxious time for children, special care to create a warm welcoming and cheerful environment in which children feel secure and happy.An environment that makes them want to come to school each morning, and where teachers become one of the most important persons in their life.

Sensitive and appreciative teachers create a caring, secure space for little ones in “big school” for the first time. A space where multiple senses are sparked, investigations triggered into themes and topics questions and discoveries welcomed with delight. Together, children and teachers reflect on the meaning of each activity and explore it thoroughly in doing so; every child makes the experience authentic and the learning personal. Teachers attempt to understand the social and cultural context to which children belo9ng, which gives clues to their emotional, cognitive and social needs. This helps teachers to create a truly unique multicultural learning environment.

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